About Me

The Road is Calling Upon the Seeker 


Born and raised in Jerusalem to a Jewish religious family rooted back eight generations from the city of Zefat, I was always drawn to the depth and mysteries lay within the holy teachings of Torah. 


Armed with my unexplained passion to the concealed world within the secret wisdom passed onwards by generations of Jewish sages, commentators, the hiding knowledge from the sacred Book of Zohar, Kabbalistic teachings and psychological aspects of the tree of life, I started a journey which then later became a spiritual way of living I must convey. 

Join me and explore practical ways of awakening your spiritual consciousness, by learning and reading the weekly Torah portion, inlighted by the wisdom within the Zohar. Engage in this process and you will achieve a deeper understanding of life, yourself and the divine.

Let us practice a way of spiritual living.


In my life, I have studied Psychology, Architecture, International Trade and Digital Marketing Managment. I Worked in the Israeli high-tech field, in the art and music industries and even spent a few years managing social justice programs for disadvantaged populations in several NPO's. I also Initiated and helped to implement a variety of projects in the local artistic echo-system of Jerusalem. 

But I have a calling for the mythical divine - for its deep roots and vast horizon, for its joyful dance and mindblowing landscapes. Everything I have learned in my life was only small stepping stones towards the wisdom of the Jewish Sacred Tradition. I  was granted with great gifts of knowledge from the above, and therefore have the responsibility of teaching others what I have been taught.