Prepare To Become

Scale-up your Mind to a higher way of living.

PTB is for people who have achieved a spiritual awakening, and now need to successfully guide themselves through cycles of rapid growth and personal change. 


What You'll Learn

Reach the optimal growth for your spirit 

Develop strategies for motivation at each stage 

Explore the Bible and the journey it offers 

Identify the Divine structure of your soul 

Recognize patterns in behaviour, so that when  challenges arise you'll be more confident in your decision-making

Program's Structure

Starting to live life with a spiritual awareness of Divinely guidance is a full-time commitment. That’s why this program is tailored to meet the needs of busy individuals that wish to learn how to master their mind. 'Prepare to Become' is an eight-week course offered via JP teachings, enabling you to solve the biggest challenges facing your life without ever leaving your desk. Connect from a computer anywhere in the world, and listen to lessons that were created to aim the next stage of your life.  

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In purchasing the program you will receive an e-mail on a weekly basis for the period of 8 weeks.