Upper fire rounD

Speak not to me of yonder distant places

While life is perished by surging crowd that passes

No, lead me where the heavenly passionate thrives

Where your wild woman can dance on a ladder, bare

Moaning to the beats of your crowned tribes

For I am as naked as a soul can be

And you are far away, but in-fact, always inside of me

So climb with sense of urgency

Tear the heavens prayer for me

Reel off this host of threads before their faces

So that their shades will gain the beauty of your graces

And then, at once, the most fine man

Will come to be the rivers glans

The wreaths that crown, white dew, rare bundle

Pure benevolence made for you

Gathered by sanctuary of sacred assemble

Thus, the best times of pleasure are supplied

Lucky to be captives of a merciful guide

My dear passionate lover

Everyone can listen, though few may comprehend

It is a delicate struggle of curiosity intuition 

A settled vision

A whisper remembrance to be proclaimed by ambition


Do not tell me those fine forces in conjunction  

Are only here to spout and propel the high poetic function


A sage shall have the power to compel

As we deliberately fall into a spell

Every time it is indeed a gush of blood, a great real flood

 For such is the nature of my One

Always eloquent indeed

Required to be shaped by the formless 

Sowing the persimmon seed

Trapped in between

Using the forces

Trained in the highest principles

By means of the right dosage 

And so the bright mist is unveiled

For ravished worlds to be in wonder

As I listen to your eyes

My heartbeats rage your mines and ponder

Acknowledge - we are gifted

Go ahead laugh at me - make fun about it

But my mind will not be shifted

For His attendance in both of us is carefully fitted

If you would read our book you will probably understand

He unlocked the highest of all highs

The ancient of ancients 

The most supreme

As he still, currently stew and stirs this unforgotten dream

That is why, with you

I have an ardent thirst for truth

For real method of speaking

So why is it that my love you chose

To hear only the presence of my thinking…

It is all so very confusing

Though quite amusing

For my M to be replaced by rhythmic fusion

For my thighs to open wide to great illusion


Though stuck, I am still in motion

Now tell me

 I really want to understand

How come the verge of pain is a substitute for love's real devotion and amend

Picture this

Water has memory and unpredictable behaviour

They carry events as lessons from our saviour


Any substance contracts when it’s cooled

While water does the opposite – it expands

That’s the rule

Therefore I willingly agree

In best endeavour

To act as though I am still free

While yet very much so captivated by your treasure

Dedicated to a cause

Entrusting this venture

Whereas actively witnessing my flaws

Admiring your splendour

Now let me share with you another piece of stash

Predestined creation of enlightenment during rush

A tiny glimpse of reasoning

Another abstract aspiration came to me as you walked in


During the fires

I found a quiet place


On the cold ground

I sat

and watched over your face

Just like that

No disguise

Snuggled by the sky blanket

Paved through your summoning eyes

Stars became an outcome

And the sky was heavy blanket pierced by pins

As if they were His decorative charts

Pounding chest of stirring limbs

Shining armies made to rescue his inheritance

Or ancient gates for silence speaking

Leading through the radiance of shimmering light

 Left to orbit our dark mater

Cast within a flaming night

And the world starts spinning around like a circuit

A floating delight



Another masterpiece correlation

               Tailored communication from my brilliant bright     


               White dove and black raven          

All wrapped in smooth cream

Just like countless times before

You have made my realty feels like a dream


But forget about that

I don’t even know what it means

And besides, we need to make sense of the fires

So let's start waving wires


Do not worry about our land

It was an act of purification by amend

Let me explain

Bear with me, come and claim yourself together again

Enter your mind to attend

Trees contain a secret ingredient

They are in fact a form of human being

As they are feeding bodily tissues of long-gone dead

Of living parts that had to be shed

Especially the ones planted on our land

For this scene

By his commend

The flames evacuated many captives

Countless sparks of souls

That finally now will play their role

 Participating in His goal

I know so

Or at least that is what I think

It isn’t the first year for me here, researching His ink

It happened before

It opened many hearts

Unclogged to swift flammable rivers through most darkened corridors


It came about in time of resurrection

This clarity leaves me with no doubt

We have been blessed to witness pure perfection

In this portion of pairing in large amount

Emphasize for count

So rise up love

Stand your position

Act as a messenger

Gain this permission


For everything you understand, is in accordance with your value inquiries as they ascend

And the ability you've been given to follow His hands depends always on what makes your mind extend

Everything that was, was made for us

You know this

I know this

All troops march for His clan

He granted us with his trust to deliver a plan


There is more to it


Your sacred tongue is a rope

A string of hope

and remember

Every stone is generating nothing when stands on its own

 But tap a stone to another stone

And sparks will lead to fire burn

 That is the power of our fellowship

We teach in order to learn

and learn in order to teach

While destiny maintains our trembled feebleness grip

What are you so afraid of Love?

Every gift you have been given

Is purpose-oriented for above

And look at us

Still alive

Even though under enormous levels of pressure and heartbroken

We thrive

Aware of the importance of the structure

Learning to swim, occasionally dive

But most important

Nurtured by royal archives


For He is wherever you let Him in

Especially in this fragile dream

So sing my dearest Love

So sing