Channel the distancE

In the lowest place on earth

Where the colour fades

And ground is grooved with pastel days

 I am collecting the downfalls from this spiritual haze

So channel the distance

We have nothing to hide

Swimming this ocean, we will reach its shore only by avoiding our pride

Were seven angels rotate seven ears of grain

And fleece pendant on a power scale

Your black will is now the serpent tale

Hold it in your hand as Moses cane

Its fragile cores no longer hidden in the send

Stay focus and fury

As His determined mind

Do not be confined


For you are destined to find

We are at the Judie Desert

Between cliffs and salty abyss

 It used to be a hiding place for the righteousness priests

  I write pillars of scrolls

Manifest of the souls

Dare to stumble He said

Uncover the thread

Candlelight flickering, shades all around

The dark in the seven is lighting the one

As it goes round and up in this miraculous bond

 Letters drop and then rise up

Myrrh is dripping from this top

I bet your shadows enjoy my confusion  

I look at your eyes as they feed my illusion

Trying to maintain this burning flame

In front of the weakness of self and a great deal of shame

And so it flows

This is how a woman propose

She is in a constant need for another dose

Now you go and observe how a pink lady becomes a red rose

Captivated by you

You have made me conflicted

I creep into my flaws just as you predicted

A female rebel, now look what you've done

Entered your mind into a barrel of a gun

Stealthy stretching, preaching claws as you fight

To cast arrows to the night it's your pleasure, delight

And I will not apart nor will I hide

That my passion for one is pretty wild

So again, I find my M stepping at the stone

Cautious not to stumble where the predators roam

This suspension is torture for your lotion

 Push to Open had aroused my most-inner deep devotion

It stroked my core and stirred my spine

I could not focus

I turned blind

It rushed the flood

It was almost offending

I am sorry dear love, but it is a part of His demand

My colours shifted into darkness, rhythm faded into time

 My pelvis crawled into the motion as my lips formed loving angels into crime


I really need you to stop running from your reign

Her body aches the absence of your brain

So come here, rove through dimensions

The time has come to channel your domain

Know that

She is a furious woman left in the dark

But no need to worry, He will come for the ark

And along the way of discarded papers

I learned to wear my craters as skyscrapers

My goal is to recollect and reunite my soul

Therefore, I close my eyes and wait for his signal

While your spirits blow within me and mingle

Every cigarette I smoke, I evoke

As incense offering for His temple

Sing from a room of solitude silence He said

While she is lying on her bad


He groomed me to be a female under attack

And then groomed you to be the male that I lack

I am so proud of you, doing so well

Even though you are leaving me here as a captive under your spell

To write you poems, to sharpen your fire like tongue

While you out  t h e I r  Turing and have all the fun


 The path you made us walk cannot be undone

So bring the light of the seventh day

Upon the stage and to your pray

I have walked the distance

I know the cause

He is echoing those sounds

Deep into their lungs

Water my flames

Go ahead, in light me

Sun is moon

Moon is ground

Ground is man

Man is light

But only when unite