When boundless limits collidE

It is time

Catch your breath

Sense my heartbeats pound through your chest

As usual, I have a lot to share, and a need to confess


Let me start by making a claim

It is not a question of whether you'll come

 It is when

So let go of your fears, drop the blame

I admit

It is a pale transliteration for this grand Journey of depth elevation

But whatever I write is for you to comprehend

Of the forces you possess, of the weapon in your hand

Our nation's written body duration, Is a fine-tuned dress of armed havens

Obliged to obey their predestination

As perceived and conceived by the ability to feel a contradiction

To witness the thought of creation as it performs reformation

To win this heavenly war

We need the forces of the four


Come with me Love

You are in for a tour

Where double triple four directions

Opposing forces intertwined

Analyse this theme to enter my mind

For I have seen things logic cannot explain

I watched the skies opened in the pouring rain

 In awe, I fell on my knees as his lightning mirrors surrounded my brain

I was confused

And in pain

Inside this heavy heart of our nation's main vein

Then I heard a voice

Of a strange distant priest with a beard, playing voids

You must understand

 Letters are the sharpest of swords

Reflect and direct them properly - make good use of your words

I can tell

You surrounded by thousands of people, yet feel so alone

Continue March through the night, eager to claim back your throne

I know you think you are a student, but everyone has something to teach

So find something of value, and start to preach

It is obvious

This isn’t a simple story

But it must be composed for the judge and his panel of jury

For the numbers of our letters

They all stand above

Watching us


Praise and await

They cry this articulate as we contemplate

Our parents are here to remind us, to portrait

That what we share in this current -

All words are Inherit

And firmaments tuned at last to become coherent

You see

These chains of events were build up carefully

Not by me

Pass through the alleged occasionally

Observe it wisely

The secrets it holds are countless and kindly

Lightning strikes every time they sing what you hear

It is rooted in the heavens

Ingrained in the mind 

Conducted by fear

As if the birth of our dynasty cries its desire to appear


Follow me indoors as they turnaround

Like all those dark mountains placed on the ground

A cave within a cave

A multiplication of a grave

Where the darkest of rivers float inside a hunted wave


We govern those dark pathways, so do not be afraid

This vast spindle is spinning around

Walls getting thinner

Wet underground

Feel the shiver frost your bone

Acknowledge his majesty's throne


Wet is the floor, wet is the ceiling

As for we are close to warm core

Wrapped in soft healing

From this grave, you stand brave

so clever, so bright

My lips whisper beauty as day folds into night

Cast shadows projective pure gold as bright silver light

For we are a book, and we are a story

We bring to life the tale of his glory


This golden design is giving as an extended feel

 Carved in stone as a spice to will

So don’t you worry my love

 Our dark is destined to bloom

There is no other way

This tomb is a womb

It is bound to be – that is our pledge

As majesty becomes a throne

Mountaintop becomes an edge

Behold when the sacred bright light emerged from the cave

To rise from his tunnelled grave

The first place he went to, was the sweeten water lake

To purify the dead, to rumble their shade

For that is where fish reproduce and miracles made

Now let us climb deeper

Up those stairs leading down

Where the chambers still bleeding

At the heart of your town


Secrets are whispered

Fire curtains are raised

Candles are lifted, and blessings are gained

Map the sky

Look at the divine drama

Do not be possessed by stars – that's a big big mistake

In this invisible space in which they appear

You are to understand their tour and parade

Seek for the Y

Take those wings you've been giving and learn how to fly

If you must

Observe the lune

Of how it is close, towards where it lean, and of its direction

You have seen everything

You have been everywhere

Time to open your eyes and widen perception

Use me as your spindle, be my guest

Collide with the moonlight wind, for she is in a constant quest

Holding this spiral straight-line, you possess

Remember to always focus intensions

When navigating those dimensions 

Make use of the sphere

Urge your fear

Again, our letters here

Couse that is how reality form friction

Rapid rotation reverses direction

Its increases as size decreases

and decomposes perception

For only the few are able to survive this magnificent path

 To walk through the gates

To experience senses by virtue of faith

Spreads to six ends of the earth

That is how much it is worth
and now, you grasp my dearth

Come let us breed this birth