Where we can bE


Underneath all things the eye can see

Lay something bigger, stronger

A place where we can be

Let us articulate what we know

For the knowledge of truth is here to grow

Upon a hill


And a well


She lived a life in form of blazing fire

 I know so, for I've walked along her path of charred and twisted wire

Now gather your horses, roll the stones, and let us be a delegate for those blackened bones


My dear angel of love and blinding sorrow 

Every person needs a place where he can go mad peacefully

Should you walk among leaves, stand under the stars, or dive into the ocean

Guard your moon and have realm over your emotions

For everything made, made for his glory

And her heartbeat his drumming

For this new story


It is a terrible thing to be gifted with such treasures of the intellect

Without the ability to know how to play it


Butterflies around, feathers on the ground

How can we compete with his noble sound?

Imprinted by letters of a foreign language

I cannot explain where I got it from

It's not from home

I'm overwhelmed by what I see my shepherd

I know now more than we can share

But I will try, and you will dare

Cause in this dark, a lightning mark  

Arouse those covert memories 

Awaken gifted melodies

We are trees

Rooted in the Jerusalem forest

I need him around and here, I want him near

My majesty's noble voice is finally clear

You see

She lives within a constant tension between impulses

The first – most natural – west to east

The second – necessary – east to west

Here are my twins for you

Whatever you will need, I am here to do

For what's done was done by your fingers

And I saw the Star of David on the heart

Your battles are reviling themselves from the dirt of our ancient city's Temple Mount

While water pouring out of stones at the Western Wall to your account

Here, I let my armies grow

Fatherly wings of shouting crows

For all that was his, is now found

The mountain is tall and I am bound

Come seek your secrets in the ground

Learn the roots of our family tree

I am yours

You are me

Remember the true cause of intentions

Relive those texts of obligation

His kingdom is glowing high above and down below

Remember - No limitations – you are here to grow

Come crashing in through my legs into my lungs up to my chest

I love the sound of rain on wooden beams when I quest 

Over the ocean, you observe my whale fins caught  

This sight will probably sharpen your every thought

Your beautiful words and sounds of creation light up this conversation

As graceful water poured out of this rapid perforation

Concealed in deep vibration


What happened I could not explain

But the truth is that your blood runs through my vein

What is it that you want me to speak out of your voice?

How can I be at your service?

My long lost love

You left me no choice

I am your Dove