Practice a waY

Butterflies at my window

And now you are they

To enter this country, one must practice a way

Find your conductions - dine from my plate

Despite all that happened, reopen this gate

Harness this veil 

Ride from within

Run-through and sail

Claim what you’ve seen

How mist would scatter

How drops will rain

Which letters opened

Who gets the flame


The moon tonight is a powerful one

And I am going to take advances for it

Cup of coffee

Talk for hours

Walk around the city streets

A passionate kiss

It is going to take you to places you do not want to miss


It comes from the east

Armed with the shadows of darkness and tears

Aimed for the south, where luxuries treasures again reappear

Broaden by time

Spiral by reason 

As a dove, it forms rescue for those who made treason

Those crowds in the west, who shadows our quest


We are practising low

A word has been given

It rejoices the heavens

That now clusters singing

It is greeting your city

It is melting her ice

It makes stones glitter freely

While you rule the dice

It all turns to fire, it grows from the east

To form into glory in a tangible way, delightful sharp feast

 It is going to intensify the north

It is going to capture the form of your cause

Risen up from the desert

Melded from the sea

Here He comes, holding hands with His she

Out in the field

Where everything continues to unfold

Where people are ruthless

Only care of their gold

At this place of shame

On that day of horror

You asked me to talk and dive through the clouds

Certainty comes to those who are willing, you said

Fight in my name

Blaze my contractions

 Unravel this shame

Ignite through the crowd

Speak your words from that flame

Uncover your floods


For his throne is real

His legacy, it is written

He stands by His name

To grant those which are fitting


No better place than the field

To curve his beloved again as a shield

He marches through the gates of this city

I bet you can see Him arrive

He concurs the nations among them you thrive


The more sophisticated the plan, the more sophisticated the creator of it

It is our turn now

Enough with those frauds

It is about time you will value what bring you those clouds