The chronicles of the six-pointed star

So, you want to release the bound

Well, youth is there to prove you wrong

It is time for the Kingdome of God to appear

And for a sequence of light to aspire the sphere 


For our great grandfather is here

It came to pass, to accrue

Within the words of ancient speaking

Midnight birth

And I'm a prayer

 Again it starts

The clock is ticking

Another circle of his graceful care

Delicately shading my despair

Tears fall down as waterfalls from heaven

Night protects me as a gown

Accompanied by countless friends but lonely

That is how it goes for a sacred maiden in this town

Angels came into my cradle

Speaking truth, they took my hand

Come with us, we will protect you

Overseas will join the land

I followed them

What else could I do?

An innocent girl than crushed into you

Wings were spreading juice and splendour

Legs were firm

Strong beating hearts

And all the nations started to crumble

As they knew -

What we forgot

Then, a voice of a dreadful leader

That rules the world with great compassion

Handed sword to my possession

And all the oceans and great treasures

Faced upon me in His name

For the ark that is in heaven

Landed fresh upon my brain


Little child, said a voice

It is time to make a choice

Dress me with your spirit

Trust me with your crown

Help deliver my kind massage

To the wander souls who walking on the ground


It is the power of our maker

Deliverance of thought

And we must influence His presence

Using your ongoing focused halo as a plot

So grab your courage, your pen and the ability to translate

Dress my city

Use the gate

Reveal fall garments and the beauty of fate


Couse you see

Those lips are two for a reason

The one is the havens

The other is earth

And when are combined

Creation comes forth

So compose the silence

Feed my drought

Great this dazzling marvel precious spark

By the graces of Judah

By the line of King David

Use Salomon's heart


Do not let us fall apart


Believe me

Few are the wise

They hover over the face of the lord and talk to the skies

Aware of the cracks

Tracking his trails

See the deposit in everything veils

Look at reality

How it shaped by his forms

You must adapt yourself to the current, but escape from the norm

By a mystical prayer

A leader must stand strong

Remember His glorified splendour

and all that’s being done

Couse at the end, truthfully

You are the only ONE that knows what I have been through

You are my best friend

And needless to say

 All that I have done, I have done by your hands

That is why

Every day


I cannot help but think

Of how lucky I am, you gave me your ink

For In the skies above, there is nothing but the truth

His masterpiece echoes and we are the living proof

Now think my Love

What is it that can drive this nation?

How do we rescue a multiple selves-definition?

To use inclination as a force, a foundation

As a root for creation


The human heart has brain tissues - I will tell you that

But while brain calculates time recognition

Heart measures unknown eternity, love and compassion

You know what I want

You leave it unknown

It is all just a rove, a ladder, a stone


Open your mouth, let’s speak

I wish to share with you the secrets that I keep


Grant me with desire

Let the curtain curve

Allow his flames of wisdom fire

To be carved into your bones

You obviously know now more about the ark

And maybe even a bit more about the dark

However, look dipper

Observe the ocean

Think as if you are her gentle wave

A winding mind

A tender notion


Perceive this window as a stone

Comprehend the throne

You are important to Him, and that makes you important to me

Love, I want you to learn

Breathe underwater

Divine His presence

And walk unchartered territories

Of belowground heavens

This stone holds great secrets

As a kea, a heart, foundation

In-between the polls

Underneath her dwellings

Upwards His creation

Silent, and yet the source of all communication

The only thing that can carve on it

Is the strongest force

A mighty cause

 The truth

Our spice

Pure pleasure


A choice

The spirit of the voice

Four they spread from the garden

Three they strive towards above

Here they are

The roots

Our shepherds

Gathered by the beating drums

So catch the water sprinkles

Taste the breath of life

Vast unification

Witness how it's drifting through the ties

My brilliant love

We have no control

Yet we are destined to aim higher

As a visional part of our people’s desire

Thickness, hardness

Pushing through

They will river themselves towards you

And it was so

And it will be

As long as both of us are bound to Thee