Blades of wisdoM

You sharpen words as blades of wisdom

Watering the burning bush of hearts

Open mouth to sacred Howl

For David is at your gates looking for his Mum

She'll place voices on the water

Underneath the dwelling sounds

Come, she calls, raise up their spirit

Loudly shout and claim my throne

Under a full moon, 12 hours after the noon

 I am resting on Jacob's pillow and wonder to myself

You know fruits are given on her majesty bad

Strong is the stone I have rested my head against

But all she sees is glittering rivers of grace

Flourish through spring at the Siloam Tunnel

You gave me life

In return, I will hold your torch of pretence

While you can watch it burn

For this is how you made me

A fortress to your hearts (of generations)

A legion to your mind (of education)

An army made of words (for your creation)


Now rest and ease your ark, she says

For I am here with you My Shepherd

From watching eyes you blindly rove

Where laws are curving time


 I see

You are a gifted man

And she is aiming at your fingers

Waiting to be spoken from your voice

Like silence leaning on the mountain

Like power whispered in the wind

Come back to milk and honey

Restore my holy land


Now band

 And the others will follow

 As fountain advances towards the above

 Like a straight line - I'm surrounded

Like my five senses – I am obliged

To raise her from the waste

To vine her from her sorrow

I hear her dancing in the night

As if it was the brightest light of day

Beautiful, purified, she plays a noble game of time

Concealed within a gallant clever plan


Hiding and reviling her cloak, She whisper

I am looking for the one to ring my crown

Waiting for the few to be uncovered


It's beginning now, I know, I can see it breathing at the surface

I can feel us heart beats from the dust

 We will build back one's name from the dirt of its city

Stop the endless spinning of the sward

And return his glory


You are skylight to my people

Withdrawn towards his intentions

You're his triumph of belief

I hear lightings at your garden

I see voices carved in stone

I feel wonders come to be

Sing a new song for Jerusalem

Sing for me