Chukat Torah Portion

We all know of the miracles Israel had encounter in the desert, among them the Man, the heavenly bread from the sky, the clouds of glory and the divine well.

In the Chazal midrashim related to Parashat HaShavua and also in the Zohar it is told that the clouds of glory were thanks to Aaron the high priest, the divine well was thanks to Miriam the prophet and the MAN was thanks to Moshe the leader.

In this portion we have the death of Miriam in Midbar Kadesh and the later on the death of Aaron in mount Hor. When Aharon and Miriam died, the clouds of glory and the well were taken away from the people, later to be returned by Moshe. Nevertheless, for now they are gone.

The clouds of glory defended and protected the children of Israel from the outside world. Protected them from winds and storm, protect them from snakes and scorpions, lower for them mountains as they walked and even iron there clothing as commentators say.

The Man was what they ate during their journey. When eating the Man they could tasted every flavor they craved and any kind of food they desired. The essence of the Man, because we are talking of food going inside there bodies It represents some sort of an Internal absorption of a divine food. .

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The well was there source of water. Aside from the fact that water in whatever culture are a symbol of life, the water here, we know from the midrash - that the water of the well would spread into 12 or 13 springs, allowing each tribe to have its own water source and avoid power struggles in the camp and among the tribe. And so we understand that the well or the water distributes the food to all parts of the body and also helped to keep the peace.

According to the Milubatche Rebbe in the Torah at its essence, we have all those three aspect in it: the Torah just like the MAN gives us food - spiritual food, its nurturing us, its feeding us internally. The Torah just like the clouds of glory protect us from the unwelcome occurrences or incidence of the outside world and last, the Torah just like the divine well is giving us life and also enabling the transmission of the other two aspects through all parts of the body. So we can see that the Torah gives a person a better defined inner aspect of self, that is protected from the outside, that is nurtured from within, that have the ability of living and vividness of life.

In order for us to be protected by the clouds of glory and be nurtured by the divine bread, we need to consume the water in the well, which are the Torah teachings. Just as water descend to the lower place on earth so does the Torah dressed to become understood to all and can reach the lowest of men. Or, in other words, the greatest wisdom can be found in the ugliest instrument. Every Jew and on this matter every human, can discover both the divine food – the Man and the clouds of glory surrounding him and also the divine well.

Moshe nurtured each one from Israel, Aaron Loved all people, Miriam was devoted to the children of Israel ever since she was a child. She was a priest that knew of the redemption beforehand, she was the one that made the people happy and soulful after the splitting of the sea, while singing and praising the creator and his troops. And now unfortunately, after the passing of Aaron and Miriam, Moshe began some sort of a new work or position - this transformation of Moshe was due to the circumstances.

Now he needs to restore the clouds of glory and return the well, end even more then that – the clock was ticking for Israel to enter the land and start wars with the nations in it. In this portion we have a transition from a period to period, a change from divine miracles leadership to more earthly one. Israel needs now to do things on there own, they need to fight and go to war.

Its no longer fast paste – they want – they get. No. They need to work hard for it, they are to pray, they are to vow even. The natural way comes into practice now, and it brings with it new responsibility or a new type of behavior from Moshe and the people. Therefor, this is a stage of difficulty. The death of Miriam and Aaron left a great void in the nation. Soddenly they are facing wars – we can look at wars as the forces of impurity outside of Israel, who are looking to subdue them, after hearing the divine supervision has stopped supposedly. Kings now starting to begin wars with them.

Until now they were treated by the divine with great miracles now Israel needs to win within the natural order. They are to discover the victory in real life - The transition to the natural experience has a great difficulty.

But its not all bad news though

Because the moment Moshe was enabling himself to recover from the loss of his two siblings, in terms of adjusting himself to this new circumstantial playground made by the above intentionally. Meaning, that the minute he perceived or had have this highly intense sense of recognition that all forces playing in the outside are only manifestations of the divine and therefore can reappear from within, to become an actual inner position of force.

This conception he needs to obtain alongside his devotion to Israel the people, God and his destined role, he then begin the conquest of the land. Right away, no hesitations. So what does it teaches us? What gonna happen for us this week?

To find more about this portion spiritual growth and the needed process enter this weeks lesson.

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