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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

In Naso Portion we meet with the heads of the Tribes of Israel and the Levi family. What can they teach us in the aspects of our spiritual journey. what exactly are they offering and how can we practice there way in our time.

Welcome to the rest of your time on this sacred journey with the children of Israel. You are st the desert, lucky to have your family surrounding you. Naso Portion is literally going to lift us up toward the Shavuot Holiday - Hag Matan Torah.

The portion speaks about the importance in uplifting the Levi tribe and later on about the offerings of the 12 heads of the tribes. The offerings of the presidents of the tribes with the special counting of the Levi family has been put here together was no coincidence.

Both the heads of the tribes and the Levi family are the figures in which we need to work Hashem within ourselves in day-to-day life and in our practices. Both are responsible for the higher senses of self and the re-cognitional consciousness needed in order to become aware and active within our (the nation) spiritual journey.

The Levi family has a special role, or one can say, some sort of a special code to it - a spiritual code. As the holders of this spiritual code, their Job is to lift-up the children of Israel from one place of conciseness to a higher one. The family, made out of 3 brother is a crucial part in the rituals and practices needed to be conduct by the children of Israel in the tent of meeting. The heads of the tribes from the other hand themselves performing a role as the chosen representatives of the nation, and therefore also holds a key-role in the nations organisational structure of conciseness, whether in morals and or by matter needed to be conducted within their system of believe. The Levi family and the head tribes, each in its own way influence the nation. They are a most needed force the nation have in order to lift itself up, whether spiritually, morally, in terms of devotional behavior and so forth.

“hold yourselves accountable for your own lives - become the better version of yourself and rise up above. Lift us your head and your body will follow.”

Many sages say that we need to comprehend the existence of realms above and those of below, and obviously refine our Hashem work in accordance. The Baal Shem Tov takes this notion even farther, saying that what ever exist above exist below, and whatever exist below exist above but also everything. meaning that whenever someone wishes to influence something to the outside world, he first needs to activate something from within him. a force. This special force is the Levi tribe - the actual workers in the Mishkan and the ones who responsible about the nations connection and communication with the above. Beck in the days, the heads f the tribes gave offerings and the Cohanim did the work of sacred rituals in the tent of meeting. Now days, each of us have there power inside us which is responsible on our relationship with Hashem.

Activate the Cohen Power Within You

Each one of us possess a natural power that once activated enables us to comprehend reality in different perspective. This power acts as some sort of leadership guide, and it can help us to achieving a more fulfilling life through effective decision-making and the power of intention. This power is a kit of innovative tools and techniques for a better understanding the spiritual realms around us and our part in it. Activating this power provides you with refocused attention and therefore have the ability to change your perspective and improve your life. Activate the power of the Cohen can inspire you spiritually and offer you more practical strategies that enable you to re-awake your love towards the world, others, yourself and your surrounding and to make within you a genuine change in approach towards life, your family and business for the better. hold yourselves accountable for your own lives - become the better version of yourself and rise up above. Lift us your head and your body will follow.

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