White and for All. Shavuot

Receiving the Torah took the Jewish nation thousands years forward in social justice matters. The notion of human responsibility was just invented in the form of a thrilling book - a human manual for an advanced consciousness.

Shavuot marks the conclusion of a seven-week period known as sefirat ha-Omer, the counting of the Omer. Beginning on the second day of Passover, we are commanded to count 49 days leading up to Shavuot. This counting manifests the inner Journey of One self through the multiple mentions of the Sefirot of the 'Tree of Life'

“The most extreme human achievement is nothing but a gift for human kind. We've made great achievements and still what has come afterwards changed the face of reality as we knew it.”

Beginning in Chesed we start the counting with a week of complete reliance on God grace towards us, and still we walk through each day in a form of condition - we are to be aware of the days and the count in order to achieve the Omer period's full potential of spiritual healing. It is a great time to learn and practice multi-dimensional thinking which can later help us achieve truly grounded cognitive insights of self, society and self inside society.

With such a high-guarded spiritual elegance of a crafted personal form of a journey, an initiation ceremony is a must. After traveling each day through the multidimensional perspective of self, we can better address notions of habits, wishes and desires. Each and every day and the emphasis given to it by its location on the graph of learning curve by the sphere.

As we move through Chesed (grace) Gevura (might) and Tiferet (mercy), we then reach a stage of observation. When we enter the forth week of Netsach (eternity) we are different, we have been through the trinity parental givings, arming us with forces to help us complete our journey of building those multi-dimensional aspects of self, but we haven't finished yet. awaiting us is the week of Hod with its glorious splendors. In it we stop to emphasize with Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai memorial day, which is considered the birthmark for the Jewish secret teachings as rivaled by sages walking in the Galilee giving to us their story through the many pages of the sacred book of Zohar. Yesod (the origin) has a feeling of accomplishment in it but then the week of Malchut (kingdom) comes and reminds us we have nothing of our own, we are nothing as we are and that the real joureny is only about to unfold as only now we are worthy receiving the Divinity aspects of God and his teachings for us, using well crafted handmade words of eternal wisdom of his grace.

So it is back to point A. the stand with all our brothers and sisters at the foot of Mount Sinai.

breastfeeding from all what we have accomplished during those days of spiritual journey of understanding the multidimensional layers of self. because self as we know it is foals and can only achieve true existence when coming together as we. us. ones again and for all.

Only the divine can create such a magnificent layered journey within human consciousness. It is obvious but we still need a reminder from time to time... The most extreme human achievement is nothing but a gift for human kind. We've made great achievements and still what has come afterwards changed the face of reality as we knew it.

After Receiving the Torah

This new perspective of self we have acquired is in need to be restricted and tamed. We are basically only beginning to use those dimensions of self and the Torah is our guidance. Its beautiful timeless stories, its Midrashim (commentary) and legends hold within it the key for multidimensional existence only the few are allowed to comprehend. are you among them?

I invite you to follow me and enter realms of high-wisdom with multidimensional aspects of self. Awaken your spirit and learn more about your existence. the above is calling you.

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