Va'era Torah Portion

This powerful week's Torah reading opens with G-d discovering Moshe his true name, the "Explicit Name". What makes this name so powerful and how its correlates with Moshe's role as a leader.

This week prepared to be amazed. We are on the portion of the wrath and fury of G-d toward the Egyptian nation. And therefore, we are going to discover more about the powerful forces of divinity. We are going to see miracles happen; We are going to witness unnatural events taking place one after another. This week, G-d is about to display his great powerful forces and wonders, in the form of 7 plagues that are about to be cast upon forces of impurity – the Egyptian nation.

I guess we can say that in this Portion, we see G-d as we have never seen him before. Making judgment upon Egypt while at the same time giving us a lesson of some sort. In this Portion G-d is giving us a performance so profound, so intense and so extreme that we would have to start questioning the entire paradigm of the reality we live in. Those events that we are about to encounter, will make us consider the fact that everything is indeed possible. Because this week the impossible happens. And more than that – this week it seems as if the impossible happens so frequently that the impossible becomes the inevitable, and that the incredible and unnatural actually becomes a sort of a natural state. This week, the forces of impurity signified by the Egyptians are suffering badly and there is – for the first time – an actual differentiation between the forces of good and the forces of evil. For each time that the Egyptian nation suffered a strike, the Israeli nation prosper and flourish.

Now there are many people – believers - spiritual seekers, that will follow this week’s story of the Torah with a strong sense of fear. Many even maybe find themselves dreading from what is about to come. Because of the intensity of the strikes and the amount of breath-taking events that are here in display. However, in our journey or in our reality as we learned there are always multiple layers of understanding. Multiple vantage points we can look through Multiple ways in which we can enlighten our conscious awareness – our spiritual awareness. And because of that – we must remember - and this is a fundamental aspect to remember in this portion – we must remember we have Israel within ourselves just as we have Egypt. And that under whatever terrifying and horrific unnatural circumstances happening to Egypt, Israel is kept safe in the land of Goshen. Israel is untouched, no harm is happening to it at all.

under whatever scenery that is cast upon the Egyptian nation. The Divine is keeping Israel safe and unharmed.

In this portion, Vaiera Portion, G-d is making his tremendous powers to become alive. To be reviled. To be seen, and he is doing so by discovering us (to Israel, To Moshe) his TRUE name. the name of the four letters.

If you remember, last week in the Parasha we saw the names were hidden or concealed. As we will see, this powerful week's Torah reading opens with G‑d discovering Moshe his true name. A name on which even the patriarchs were not familiar with. The patriarchs knew G-d only by the name El Sha-dai, which represents a more limited manifestation of his being. While G-d’s infinite enigmatic essence with its unnatural abilities – abilities that are beyond nature is presented with the name of the four letters. And why is that? Because this name hold within it the entire tree of life in union.

The simple meaning of this name correlates with the idea that G-d himself is a sort of being.

That he is what was, what is and what is about to become. Meaning G-d’s being or deity is beyond time. It has no beginning and no end. Because this name hold within it the entire tree of life in union. Let us look at the name.

The letter "י" signifies the "Chochman" (the second count) the attribute of wisdom, which is the beginning of reality, reality not in its practical form but rather in the Divine aspect. This letter Yud is the smallest of all letters in the alphabet. In a way it has no form and therefore it represents the supernatural, and symbolizes the spiritual forces that are formless and yet extremely powerful. It signifies things that are beyond the physical dimensions of time or matter. It is the root of everything - every Hebrew letter is consists of the letter "י". Its numerical value is ten and likewise the whole reality consists of the ten spheres.

In light of all the above about the spiritual representation of the letter י tag – Kutso Shel Yud – the edge of the letter, which we see above it in the scriptures – the smaller part in it, signifies the Keter (the first count) the crown, that is the highest count in the tree of life.

The letter "ה" signifies the Bina, the Understanding, which receives all the abundance of creation spreads down from the crown and than further down to Chochma from the Keter. This letter absorbs and attracts from the above the abundance of blessing, life, and fortune as well as good wealth health and later spreads those down to all other seven attributes below it. This letter represents the Bina, which is also called the ‘great mother’. Because just like the mother breastfeeds her offspring Bina breastfeeds the spheres – the other attributes

It is from her that we receive the abandons and blessing of creation. But her powers or forces are supreme and beyond what the five-senses can acknowledge, and so in order to actually receive the abundance in our reality, we also need to have the framework of the letter Vav. Which is the next letter in the name.

The letter "ו" (Vav) signifies ZA, is like a tube that connects the top to the bottom. Therefore, in the Hebrew language it used in terms of connection. The numerical value of the letter V is six and as such it represents the six spheres: Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netsach, Hod and Yesod.

The lower letter Hey signifies the Malchut (the kingship). It receives the abundance from the letter V as it symbolizes the reality of the here and now. Our needs and desires. Our work in terms of this knowledge is to create union between the lower and upper letters of the "Explicit Name”. Now if we have touched the attributes, the spheres, as they are represented in G-d’s name, let us further explore the hidden or the extra force within those, which is the Da’at, and this is important to our learning because Da'at represent Moshe’s figure.

Da'at is not considers as one of the Midot, it is not considered in the ten counts. So lets try to understand what it is. There is the external body of ZA that is include from six spheres and is called Tiferet, which is represented by Jacob. And there is an internal or inner body of ZA which is called Da'at. That is why the Da'at is not considered as one of the ten attributes, because as it self it is the inner part of Tiferet. Da'at is between Chochma and Bina. It’s an average or a mediator between Wisdom and understanding. The mother and father. And because those two are concealed in upper realms, Da'at is concealed as well with them.

Da'at is the one that is pairing the parents – the great mother and father. The body needs to be fixed by the soul, and the inner part of ZA, which is Da'at should be included in its external part which is Tiferet. So by acknowledging the importance part of Da'at in Tiferet – as an inner hidden section of it, we are able now to connect the internal with the external so that both will enter eventually to Malchut as one. A one that I obviously bigger than the sum of its part. And it is by the doings of a person that Da'at is activated.

Da'at main essence is leadership. Da'at is, in a way – the mind. Da'at is the result of all the repairs that were made by the great father and the great mother – wisdom and understanding. The father and mother are the Mochin – we can say the two brains – however it is more complicated than that because Bina as the mother represents the wisdom of the heart while Chochma as the father, represents the wisdom in the brain. So each of then make its own corrections in ZA that would correlate in one alignment with the essence needed when approaching to things in a sense of leadership.

Now, when we talk about leadership, we are talking about the leadership of the higher mind (heart and brain together) over the body. A G-dly Soul is a soul that have the ability TO lead the heart, body. The inner part of Tiferet, is a hidden concealed force, that is responsible for the connection between Bina and Chochma and for the connection between itself and the rest of the counts below him. The Da'at in itself is divided into an influential male and an accepting female. As we said before, heart and Brain. It needs to spread mercy down to ZA as the influential figure of the father and at the same time it needs to spread judgment or heroism into the Nukba – Malchut - Into the kingship. Da'at stands as the hidden and concealed trial, and its reality manifests itself within the clothing of the other counts that is under it. It illuminates whatever inside to the outside and it is doing so by the tools - the other attributes. The counts. Including their steps or stages.

So from this we now can understand better the importance of Moshe’s role as the leader. He is not only a leader in the biblical sense of the story - that will eventually free the Israeli nation from its oppressors, but rather he actually a force of leadership within ourselves - that is there to lead us during the process of freeing ourselves from our own forces of oppression.


Last week's Portion concluded with the epochal exchange between Moshe and Hashem over the mystery of human suffering. Moshe protested, "My G‑d, why have You done evil to this people?" And Hashem answers: "Now you shall see what I will do to Pharaoh; for with a strong hand shall he let them go, and with a strong hand shall he drive them out of his land."

G‑d replied to Moshe not in a direct manner to his question, he did not say to him… They are suffering because of so and so, but rather he answers him in a future-oriented-moving-forward G-dly sense-of-dynamics. Revealing to him something that is much greater than a simple answer to a far more complicated question. G-d, in his answer to Moshe is revealing his intentions. He revels him the coming future. In this correspondence between G-d and Moshe, it is like Moshe – and us for that matter - are getting a glimpse into G-d’s own mind.

Into a hidden and concealed knowledge that have yet to become an actual reality, but that is very soon is about to make itself seen. We are getting here a glimpse into G-d’s way of thinking, and in an even greater extent, into the realization that – in fact – what G-d is thinking is due to become. And that for us in first glimpse look like something that we already know, but think of it for a moment. What G-d thinks – what is on G-d’s mind, is due to become. His thoughts create our reality.

And the person who was chosen to be the one to know of it held in him both Brain and Heart – in the form of the Da'at (the mind). And we have talked before about the fact that this name was not reveled to the patriarchs difference between Moshe and the Patriarchs is also explained by the Chassidic masters as deriving from the different places they occupy within the total "body" of Israel. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are identified with the attributes of "love" "awe" and "truth" (Chessed, Gevurah and Tiferet), while Moshe as we learned represents the Da’at, which is between the attribute of "wisdom" (Chochmah) and Understanding (Bina).

According to Hassidic masters The Patriarchs represent the heart, while Moshe is the mind. There is a difference between mind and heart and there is also a difference between how us as humans consider our existence in accordance to those two. Some of us are more emotional – heart oriented, while others are more logical – mind oriented. But the truth is, we need to know how to use them both, how to collaborate those two powers of our being together as one.

The mind-driven person constantly questions and challenges the way things are, whereas the one with the "heart" accepts reality as it is. The healthy mind of the believer is a mind that includes both. As we learned in Da'at we have the male and female orientation, female as the represent of the heart while the male is the represent of the logic. While the mind categorizes reality into compatible and non-compatible suppositions, the heart tolerates contradiction. Outrage and devotion, judgment and acceptance, pain and pleasure — a heart that loves has room for them all, simultaneously, in its warm embrace.

As the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We have inherited from them the Jewish heart the intrinsic bond with the divine, with G-d that cannot be shaken. Therein also lies the significance of the word vaeira — "and I made Myself seen" — with which G‑d describes His relationship with the Patriarchs, and which give our Parshah its name in the Torah.

There are many ways, in which a person may come to believe in a certain truth He may hear of it from a reliable source, it may be proven to him logically or he may sense it himself. Yet there is an essential difference between the perception of sight and all other senses. Because sight is absolute. The thing perceived may be denied by the entire world, it may be utterly illogical, but the person who has seen it knows it is true. He saw it. The most powerful faith is faith on the level of sight. The Patriarchs, the "heart of Israel" saw G‑d. That is why their faith in Him was not shaken by even the most excruciating"contradictions"Just as a child inherits the physical and psychological characteristics of his parents, in the same way, we inherits the qualities of our ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Their every feature, experience, and achievement are stamped in our spiritual genes.

Because our fathers' faith in G‑d was as absolute as sight, the potential for such faith exists within each and every one of us. No matter what our more external senses perceive, we can delve into our own selves for the inherent ability to see G‑d: to sense His commitment to us even in the "darkest" of times.

So remember this week – as Moshe You are the mind of the people – the leader of your heart, body and soul — With this mind you have the power to illuminate the entire world. As the mind - as Moshe, we are now even able to comprehend "higher" aspects of the truth that the Patriarchs couldn't or didn’t, or that as the representation of the heart they never even questioned, because they could take it all in simultaneously.

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