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In this portion we have a divine revelation, we meet the three archangels Michael, Gabriel and Rafael, each one of them with his special task and divine role. We will also meet lot again, but this time in means of saving him from the wicked city of Sodom.

On last portion Lech Lecha, we talked about how Abraham signifies our high Neshama, and of how in general every figure or character we would encounter as we read the biblical story, is actually there, as a force we have inside ourselves. Now let’s try to make this clearer because this is critical to our understanding of the biblical story in its more hiding layers and therefor crucial to anyone’s spiritual growth:

When reading weekly the portions of Torah, You will suddenly recognize that your high self is elevated and that your inner world is becoming broader and deeper. You will become as a whole, as you will start to see the world and your place in it in one peace. You will begin to see and feel that the Torah, this amazing book is actually about your soul, which is called Noah when on one level, and then Abraham on another and Moshe on another. As we set out to follow the instructions in the Torah, in this manual, the spiritual world will begin to open up for you, revealing hiding G-dly gestures that were always there only you haven’t noticed. And then as you start cleaning all superficial things, you begin to clearly see reality gradually changing around you and you will start noticing you are beginning to change your point of you in regards to reality. You will realize that all your life you’ve been asleep, all the while thinking you were awake. You will realize that all the things you used to deem valuable are, in fact, not valuable. And all that you thought to be true is actually false, and all the earthly pleasures cannot compare to what awaits you.

This book is about you and therefore always try to search inside it yourself. Behind the stories of the forefathers you will reveal the story of yourself, and then you will discover how each and every figure as a special spiritual energy begins to reveal itself in your life, as an inner force inside your soul.

Now let us go back to our portion, and the first verse of this portion is: ‘Now the Lord appeared to him in the plains of Mamre, and he was sitting at the entrance of the tent when the day was hot’. And the lord appeared to him – in this portion, on this week, G-d will appear to you if you would just let it. G-d appeared to Abraham as he was sitting, meaning he appeared to him in the a certain level, degree or a scale. He was revealed to him in the point of Malchut, to his Malchut attribute (watch the video for more information)

‘And he appeared to him’ the story doesn’t tell us who is the one appeared to him at the entrance of the tent. The Zohar explains this as a hint for the fact that the HE refers to the level of Chochma, Chochma appeared to Malchut. To imply that all the levels are resting or laying on this level of Malchut, and she, meaning the Malchut is the door, the gate or the entrance to all other levels, to all possible spiritual elevations, to all other attributes. He, could also mean the upper world appeared to him. Meaning the mother, which lay on the lower world - the daughter, which is Malchut. So both the mother – which is Bina and the father, which is Chochma are about to shed a light upon him, and the entrance through which one can receive all the all lights.

‘When the day was hot’ in a time on which one level is getting closer to the other level, in passion of one towards the other. ‘in the heat of the day’ The point on which when there is a pairing between the six and the seventh. When this passionate connection happens, that is when the lights of MOCHIN – the high knowledge can appear on lower levels. Right at that point in time, as he was sitting at the entrance of the tent, when the day is hot – when there is a parring – then: when this moment of parring is happening and he lifted his eyes and saw, and behold, three men were standing beside him’, those three man according to the hiding secrets of the Zohar are the upper level of consouisness - Chesed, Gevura, Tiferet. They are standing on her (MALCHUT) and she breastfeeds from them. Absorbing them inside her.

‘And he saw and he ran toward them from the entrance of the tent' - because the passion of the lower level will always be to get to the upper level. Its desire is always to connect to higher levels of the three CGT it’s a desire we have to manifest our feelings and spiritual forces. Always.

And he prostrated himself to the ground’ the second this happens, the second one has a divine revelation - one is to bow. We are to enable our Malchut point to become a chair to the upper levels, to become modest, to surrender to this. And we are to do this because now as we would use the attribute of Malchut as a chair, it will absorb all higher attributes. That all the special forces that are in the higher level of consciousness will manifest themselves to the outside world. Also we know that C G T are the emotional realms and there for we can come to the understanding of how important this is, to be aligned with your emotions but in a balanced way. C G T are absorbing forces from the upper levels of Ceter Chochma and Bina. So we see here how we are starting to become aware of the tree of life structure within our soul. And we are starting to become more familiar with our inner soul forces.

So in this portion we are in a state of a Divine revelation. The Zohar also refers to those three man who appeared to him as the three archangels – Michael, Gabriel and Rafael. Michael with the color of white as he signifies the attribute of Chesed, Gabriel with the color of red for he is the attribute of Gevura and Rafael with color of green for he is signified by the attribute of Tiferet, the mercy and truth, the cure. Raphael, an archangel known as an angel who does acts of healing. The name Raphael mean"It is G-d who heals" or "G-d Heals".

Rafael was there to heal Abraham, to cure him. Michael, the archangel who known as the advocate of the Jewish people and their defender, he is in charge of the right side of Chesed, the name Michael mean ‘who is like G-d’. and he came there as a messenger to tell Sarah that she is going to give birth. Gabriel, who almost always come alongside Archangel Michael, described as the guardian angel of Israel, the one that defend the people of Israel against the angels of other nations.His name mean "God is my strength" and he was there as a messenger or the executor, he role was to destroy Sodom. Gabriel is in charge of the left line of Awe, Gevura – he is in charge of the law. He is the executor of the laws.

Now let us look at Abraham’s characteristics: And Abraham hastened to the tent to Sarah and he run to the cattle and he hastened to prepare the food for his guests. Abraham is a doer, he does everything quickly, he does not waist any time. For us it would be as a suggestion of behavior. When it comes to matters that are sacred, there is no time to waste.

Then after the angels performed their duties one left and the two angels came to Sodom in the evening, why two? Rafael duty was to heal Abraham and therefor after healing Abraham he finished his task living Michael and Gabriel to continue theirs.

and Lot was sitting in the gate of Sodom, and Lot saw and arose toward them, and he prostrated himself on his face to the ground.' So we can see here similarity in the figure of Lot and Abraham. Before, we saw Abraham sitting at the entrance of the tent – he was sitting on the Malchut - the kingship staircase, which is also the gate or the doorway to all other stairs, or divine levels as we learned. Malchut is the entrance or the doorway to receive all the divine lights. And now we also find Lot sitting at the entrance, sitting at the doorway of the city of Sodom. This episode in the story is here to teach us that creation is balanced, and wherever there will be an opening of holiness and good, elsewhere will be openings to defilement and evil.

Sodom and Gomorrah were cities of moral depravity and cruelty situated on the Jordan River plain in the southern region of the land of Canaan. From the text itself we know that “the people of Sodom were bad’, they were cruel, evil and wicked. And right there, in the entrance of this wicked city we find Lot, who as we know grew up and was educated with and by Abraham. Now Lot just as Abraham is also a force within ourselves, and his appearance here is coming to teach us about the battle between good and evil within our soul. As humans, we have inside us naturally the option to choose between good and evil. Between an act of anger and cruelty to an act of mercy and compassion. But even then, in the darkest places within ourselves, there will be always a bright spot, a spark of holiness, a point that recognizes the sacredness when it comes towards it. Lot is this spot. He therefore immediately recognized the holiness, the Shechinah, divine powers that are coming before him. He identified the angels as G-dly forces, and then, just like Abraham who educated him for hospitality, Lot runs to them, excepting them as his guests.

So this week remember to look for the divine revelation, because it will appear to one who is willingly making a place within himself to be vulnerable, modest and humble. Start seeing and feeling the figures in this book as parts within yourselves, I guess that by now you know that this story was written about you, to educate you of your inner soul’s structure. So start being aware. So this week's task or spiritual request from us is to feel Abraham and Sarah existence in your heart, acknowledge the divine request for you. Leave all your past assumptions – what you think, what you want, what you think that you want, and let G-d take you to wherever you are truly supposed to go.

To find out more about this week's portion watch the Torah lesson.

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