The Jewish ancient tradition is full of wonders. Delving into its sacred, hidden mystical concepts can be magical and captivating. Unfortunately, with our busy lives, we tend to miss the opportunity to be mesmerized by it. As an artist and storyteller, I try to echo and capture the ethereal world, bringing it down to our lowly existence and I invite you to join me as I share what is encapsulated in my artworks.


Each artwork that I create has a meaning behind it. A story that is charged and inspired by sacred Jewish ideas. With this in mind, I decided to give my poems a visual expression – some sort of a spiritual, palpable interpretation in which my poems are woven into the images and themes that run through them.


The Face

I created this piece in 2021 (also available as "the Light" print, see gallery). In this work, I conceal the ancient wisdom of the human face, looking at it through its relationship to the biblical story, the Tree of Life and the concept of a well in Jewish mysticism.


The poem reveals the enigma behind the human face as it is explored and explained by the ancient and mystical, exposing the hidden truths of our very existence.


Standard size 40X60 cm. but available in other sizes on request.  

The Face - self portrait