Follow Me into thE


Feel the scent

Uncover the layers

Follow me into the woods

In this story of His glory lies a thin line between madness and the vine

For whether I am delusional or obscure

And unless you'll decide to shut down this door

Here is my M for you to endure

Please don’t cry

I cry for both of us

I know you need more love and affection

I know that it is difficult to maintain this reflection

And believe me, I understand, the purity of this flower in my hand

Please I beg you, do not fall into rage

Keep your distance from that stage

The children will rise

Their spirit will grow

Inside this small fountain, she is trying to glow

My sweet amber fetus, beaming sun

Your vast ocean is steaming its underground

Fueled by an electric current

Wear it as your warrant

Breathe this delicate transformation

Your water tributes subtle pulse

Besides, as you know

She has nothing to do but to dance to your rules

At this deep freeze in our long advocate road 

You must scent the filed that was blessed by the Lord

Follow your name

It reveals a trivial gesture of His design

 So that you could heal the ground with herbs of the divine

and feed yourself with yet another small hint in his game with our kind

For only those who managed to recover life from the damage

Those who walked the underworld

Can hold the torch of wisdom as a sward


In order to lead

He wanted us to bleed

For we cannot gather the watchers in the field

Unless we’ll learn to dress our lustre as a shield

So plough the earth as it gently reviles

His commanding and your skills


This crowned skull is hidden in the screen

As crystal dew reveals itself through dream

Lighting the sky

Feeding the rose

Tortured with feelings she cannot yet expose

Open your eyes

Look at me

Wandering around the dark corridors of my fortress

It is as if I have a secret life

Knowing that cuts me to the core like a knife

Nobody knows of my battels, or aware of my struggle

In this sleepwalk I'm frightened and occasionally stumble

I weep for the texts that cannot be translated

And mourn for the sentences left isolated

Her muted voice of kingdom sack reveals itself through scripts of open cracks

For He literally drained my blood

The feast that you enjoy are tears falling from a cloud

He drained my blood and stabbed my borders

Nevertheless, His sharping blades are now my orders

So dive this ocean of the mouth, it speaks

Be aware

Between the four letters, you can find the foreigner

It's already began

This fight of the one

And it will reveille itself to your eyes if you'll just look around

For now, all are adjusted to the holy myriad of his crown

And this

It’s a fading configuration of what could be observed in a real peek

When she talk the true language of the tongue that you seek

And now

Now that he clarified your way through the plan

Let it take you on a cruise beyond voices and sound

Come with me to the core

It is not over yet, there's more


 When she sings

 Her voice rages out right into their river of doubt

Making ripples  

Break lucks and chains of wicked forces and their games

It is a flood of great shiver

Acknowledge this fact

Our tree is a river

It spreads from the heart

Sealed in a curtain

Water his garden

We are only tools in this bargain

So light-up the corridors and merge the worlds

Come through the gates and rumble the codes

Pleasure is haven that grants a river for his garden

Move through our letters here

Circle this mountain

I have so many words to share

They cut through me like thin air

Please tell me whether you want me to stop

Am I his fortress? Am I a map?

Or am I just a lonely child went into your trap?

You stand naked before me

My heart sees through your core

Know that I am watching

As a wild river roar

Please forgive me, I did not mean to make us suffer

 Help me repair, I beg you to act as my buffer

This blue planet of water is frozen to the core

But have visible patterns that you cannot ignore

If you'll listen closely, you'll hear him creating echoes

With a pail inner ring

That expands as we lean

Every wave in this ocean has a meaning of its own

And from this dark dungeon

My heart is dripping from your tongue