To be shE


I need you to see

I want you to feel how it is to be she


Each time to make another tap on your door

Surely a harsh stimulation strikes, just like before


Whatever you think

And the strongest of feelings

I overwhelmed by a charm

Dazed by his lure -

Captured within a sense of touch

And always

Hungrier than before


Like a drunk with new-made vine

I will continue this struggle

Of lips whispering out from their graves

Of royalty captured by pitiful slaves


To trust His strength as He does mine

To pledge through heartbeats in this shrine

Elevating shadows to ride on His tunes

As if they were silky white dunes




I still love

Very much so, always will

Even though you played with my heart as if it was a drill

Taking every weakness I had to gain honour and skill

You need to accept your bravery outcomes

You need to allow yourself stand in the boiling mod

It is time that you know - It all started in the portion of Noah

With a great marvelling real flood

It was the biggest Israel had encountered in years

Cities were flouted, the electricity failed

  And an ancient book I was reading came to life as a modern tail

Letters then opened to my wondering eyes

The nothingness within everything lost its disguise

I was led through the scriptures, ancient figures combined

And He hugged me so dearly

As a loving father to a child's wandering mind

 And every portion of our Torah

Every section of its beating heart

Every letter, every word, was sent from heaven as a holy echo -

Watering this desert drought

And even more so

The book of Zohar came to be 

So be creative and constructive

Ask for the man with the good name to explain

Read the pillar of prayer he proclaimed

Our journey will continue to unfold 

Like it or not

We are a fairytale untold

I know so, for I learned of this bond many years ago

When she showed me the unpredictable

And then spoke the unspeakable

I sailed a small rowboat 

Surrounded by ripples of glooming light

I have watched floating dead bodies

Alligator beasts and creeps of the night

She held a torch in her hand, she asked me to bend

And from there I was taken away

To hold your hand, to carefully mend

Together to lead them all to our land

You see

I came from the most deep

Awaken through rapid eye movement sleep

Guided and gifted by He who keeps this river thick

Do not be confused

Do not mistake me as a trick

He who entered the ark was the one to reach for the mountain

And onto his duty, he will flourish the fountain 

At this hidden occurrence of binding seduction

He chose my companions and asked me to guard them

From the spirit of our people comes my strength

Consecrated, elevated, preserved

Well educated, a question left unsolved

I sure suffered dearly for you, but I did what I was told

I am a princess

And from this star upon our flag I strove

To make it worthy

Speak certain

I know we will become what we deserve

Be sure to acknowledge the magnitude of His grace

For what has happened to us was out of this world

And bigger than words chanted onto your phrase

Now let me share with you the essence of our journey

The core, the roots for who I am

The reason your voice intuitively had to flume by His command 

I am a scion from the line of King David for real

So make sure you fire those flames and honour this deal

For now you know

Where logic fails, you start to trust

Where emptiness consumes, you choose to be led by wind like the dust

Sometimes they etching those scars as you know

But this is our mission and we are at war


Come walk with me through this corridor of the unknown

It is time to bond those three to the four and wake up the dawn

Every aspect of nature is divinely gifted and is here for you to explore

March through the arches

Future forward to before

Let's give it a try

 And gain this earn


Out of this euphoria of self

I will wake up and do as I told

Open the doors to the crowd

I will gladly appear to my choice

And she’ll say, it tests you will need to path

It is a portion of smells in the nose

An absolute silence that is defiantly yours


Come explore the part in which you shiver shades in wisdom

Come release the gaze onto your garden – wear His rhythm

Complete the circling, by raising up your voice

Define the castle gently and wait before approach


It is  w h e n  you will

It is times of the refined

Are you able to come farther, together winds with light?

Project through her the night and shade the darkness into light


To bring the Olive branch back into its tree

To carpenter the earth until appears that she is me

The ship is on the mountains, the water filled with juice

The grace of your creation led me to this choice


And silently I whisper, fearing only you

Enduring all those presences, remembrance of two

The one below will raise the down, to shine upon what’s true

To bring us back to YOU