Just like an impulse steaming out from within as an unexplainable and incomprehensible primal need, I started writing. I couldn't control or subdue my fingers. Knowing words can breathe into places reality usually doesn't welcome us, I started walking, uncertain of where I would find myself.

I wrote in order to explain, to explore and to expose the beauty within the wisdom of the mythical Jewish teachings, as they gently revealed themselves to my wondering ears in ways I can only hint about while hoping to do justice with glimpses of the divine I had the honour of encountering with.    

The path to the depth of our soul must come from the inner regions of our collective consciousness. Even those we have yet to travel to, even those we have yet had the privilege of meeting. There, out of a forgotten, neglected and desolated parts of self that are seeking its way to rejuvenate, you will find the hiding parts you have been looking for. You are a part of a bigger plan.

Join me through sacred contents, hidden pathways and legendary scenes that echo and reflects the collective unconscious of Jewish tradition and mythical teachings. Rejuvenate your spirit and raise up your soul. It is time you will remember who we are and what we are meant to be.

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